Presenting: Do Real Wolves Eat Cake?

Learning Objectives :

Science Knowledge:

  •  Students can identify behavior, appearance, etc. of their animal.

Inquiry Skills:

  • Students conclude an inquiry-based reseach process by sharing new understandings and reflecting on the learning.

Inquiry Dispositions:

  • Demonstrate confidence and satisfaction in research results and their storybook product.

  • Demonstrate a continuing motivation to learn by expressing enthusiam, asking questions that would extend the research, or by expressing a desire to "publish" their work in some way.

Duration :
One session

Materials :

  • Music recording

  • Large screen computer and, if available, a projector 

Directions :
This is the culmination of the students' research project. The previous session and this one are designed to be appropriate for the youngest learners who find it easier to "tell their story" out loud or "read" their story from their drawing, as opposed to writing it. These lessons can be easily adapted for older learners (Grades 2 - 3) by having students do the actual writing themselves. The teacher-librarian or classroom teacher will still need to "compile" the story made up of each student's contribution. This educator compiled the story into a Powerpoint story using one of the Curiosity Creek Story Templates .

Preparation :
This lesson is the culmination of a unit in which students enjoy the product of their collaborative research project which is a storybook entitled "Do Real Wolves Eat Cake?". They reflect on the process and consider publication on Curiosity Creek!

Assessment :

  • Are students listening attentively?

  • Can each student read a sentence with confidence and in a good speaking voice?

  • Do students demonstrate continuing motivation to learn by asking to do more projects like this or by encouraging you to submit their story for publication on the Curiosity Creek Stories Page?

  • Are students satisfied with the results of their research and their creative product?

Additional Information :
Here is the actual story written and illustrated by Ms. Bieniek's class and edited by her. The story is entitled "Do Real Wolves Eat Cake?"

Credits :
This lesson plan is based on actual lessons presented by Denise Bieniek.

Standrads :
Language Arts:

  • Relates stories to his/her own life and experience

  • Knows the main idea or theme of a story.

  • Can read aloud using visual cues from the illustrations as an aid.


  • (Previous lesson) Understands that one purpose of art is to convey ideas or meaning. 

Science:  Understands diversity of life

(Previous lesson in this project) Can identify behavior, appearance, etc. of the animal (in this case, wolves) as a result of their inquiry-based research process.

Language and Literacy,Science,Visual Arts
  • Mammals
  • Wolves
  • Grade Lavel(s):
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3nd Grade
  • Kindergarten
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