Comparing Rainforests With Where You Live: Learning to Use Venn Diagrams

Learning Objectives :

  • Students will be able to identify characteristics that their environment has in common with the rainforest and characteristics that are different.

  • Students will be able to organize these characteristics in the correct places using a Venn diagram as a graphic organizer.

Estimated Time Required :
One session for this component of a larger unit on rainforests.

Preparation :

You should have completed or at least be in the process of conducting research on rainforests such as learning about habitats, climate, animals and plant life in rainforests.

Credits :
This lesson plan was created by Julie Yanoff.

Printables :
Standrads :
McREL National Content Standards:

Science Standards

1.0 Knows that short-term weather conditions (e.g., temperature, rain, snow) can change daily, and weather patterns change over the seasons

4.2: Knows that places can be defined in terms of their predominant human and physical characteristics (e.g., rural, urban, forest, desert; or by types of land forms, vegetation, water bodies, climate) 

Geography Standards

8.3: Knows plants and animals associated with various vegetation and climatic regions on Earth



  • Organizing information
  • Category:
    Language and Literacy,Science
  • Climate
  • Rainforests
  • Grade Lavel(s):
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3nd Grade
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