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Invention Dimension Will Trigger
A Child's Imagination! 
 Curiosity Creek logoDevelopment of the Invention Dimension section of the Curiosity Creek site continues full Image of the character named Hector speed ahead. It features an innovative 5th grader called Hector who is always trying something new. You can check out the progress and plans by visiting the "in-development" page. Kids' imagination and inventive juices will be flowing as they explore the Invention Time Machine, Hector's Question Machine, the Doodle Generator, and the Kid Inventors Wall of Fame. There will be an Inventor's Launch Pad with tips and strategies for the invention process and a Brainstorming and Think Tank for older children participating in the design of learning materials for their younger counterparts (part of a program and research study being conducted through the Curiosity and Imagination Lab of the Center for Digital Literacy (CDL) at Syracuse University.