I'm All Ears: 
A Listening Activity for Anytime and Anyplace

Type: activity

• Listening for information
• Language and Literacy
• Music
• Sounds:
  Listening Games
Grade Level(s)
• Pre-K
• Kindergarten
• 1st Grade
Estimated Time Required:
Flexible from 10 minutes to however long child's interest is sustained.

This auditory adventure was inspired by Paul Shower’s lovely storybook: The Listening Walk.  In the book, a young girl goes on a quiet walk with her father and they listen carefully to the sounds around them.  In many of the pages illustrated by Aliki, the little girl has her eyes closed as she and her father walk down the street, through the park and then back home.  She not only hears different sounds, but informally categorizes them: sounds from nature, noises from machines, and chatter from people.

Playing “I’m All Ears” will give parents and children precious time to pause from making noise, and provide some time to receive it.   In its simplest form, the game is played by closing your eyes and listening to see what sounds you can identify.  The activity page includes a song, sung to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” that serves as a playful starting point for younger children and their families.

Listen, listen, carefully
Tell me what you think you’ll see!
When you open up your eyes
Will it be a big surprise?
Listen, listen carefully,
Tell me what you think you’ll see!

As noted on the Activity Sheet, there are many variations and enhancements to this game: listening in a special place, listening for a special sound, listening to recognize a person’s voice, or listening on the go. 

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The Listening Walk by Paul Shower
This activity was designed by Julie Matz. The trumpet and bird clip art on the activity page came from the Clips Ahoy Web site !