Animals in People Clothing-Storybook Depictions
Learning Objectives:
    Inquiry Skills:
  • Uses prior and background knowledge as context for new learning
  • Read, view and listen for information presented in order to make sense of it
    Inquiry Dispositions:
  • Showing an appreciation for literature
    Language Arts:
  • Listening for understanding
One session (There are four sessions in this project)
  • Fiction books that involve animals such as Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, etc.
  • Nonfiction books on animals
This project would be an excellent follow-up to and culminating activity for "Sorting Fiction and Nonfiction Books" presented by the same educator.
  1. Read a storybook aloud that involves an animal acting "human" (e.g., doing human behaviors, dressing like a human, etc.). The example for this lesson will be the one actually used in this case, Little Red Riding Hood.
  2. Find two or more other fiction books that also depict the same animal acting in human ways. This establishes the commonality of giving animals human characteristics in storybooks.
  3. Create a T-Chart on a flipchart or whiteboard. Using each storybook, ask students to brainstorm all the ways that the animal did human things. Record these on the left side of the T-Chart. When complete, ask students to consider whether each of these things would be possible for a real wolf to do. Write Yes or No next to each one on the T-Chart.
  4. Summarize the lesson with the help of students by concluding that animals are often depicted in human ways in stories.
  5. Create positive anticipation for the next library session by telling students that next time, they will be using the library to discover what "real" wolves" do!
  • Are students able to pick out all the instances in which the animal character portrays human-like characteristics?
  • Do students make the connection that storybook animal characters are commonly portrayed doing human things?
  • Next lesson in this series of lesson plans: "Wonder" Questions About Real Animals
Additional Information:
Next lesson in this series of lesson plans: "Wonder" Questions About Real Animals
This lesson plan is based on actual lessons presented by Denise Bieniek.
Listening for information
Making sense of information
Language and Literacy
Animals (see also mammals, birds, invertebrates, etc.):
  Storybook depictions of
Grade Level(s)
• Kindergarten
• 1st Grade
• 2nd Grade