My Promise to the Earth
Estimated Time Required:
1 - 2 sessions depending on length of review and discussion before art creation.
5" paper squares from recycled material, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and masking tape.
This activity can provide a review and culmination for lessons learned about recycling and caring for the earth. It can be a classroom project or conducted school-wide. This activity can also be adapted for families.
  1. Discuss and review what children can do to care for the earth.
  2. Each child will make a special promise to the earth. Teachers or parents can make a word bank with words and phrases related to the promise of caring for the environment (e.g., "pick up trash," "conserve water," "plant trees," "recycle," "re-use," and so on.). Word banks are helpful in many literacy activities across the curriculum. 
  3. Each child uses his/her square to create one piece of a large paper quilt. Each uses words and/or drawings to depict the promise.
  4. Take each of the children's squares and tape them close together on a large wall creating a full quilt. Visitors will love looking at the individual promises and children will feel proud of their commitment. They will be excited to see the final collaborative outcome of a beautiful hand-made quilt. 
Periodically, ask children to tell you what they are doing to keep their promise.
This activity was submitted by Marie Sciretta, first grade teacher.
This activity was part of a collaborative effort with other teachers in my school.
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