My Adopted Tree
Learning Objectives:
  1. Students will adopt a tree and create their own questions about the tree.
  2. Students will find answers to their questions.
  3. Students will create a final product to show what they learned about their tree.
  4. Students will fill out a KWL chart about trees.  
Estimated Time Required:
3 class periods with possible extensions
  • Paper, pencils and crayons.  
  • Books about trees.  I Can Name 50 Trees Today by Bonnie Worth is a good example.  
  • KWL chart
  • Note cards
Day 1
  • Start a discussion with the class about trees.  Ask such questions as how can you tell the age of a tree?  And why do their leaves change color?  Have students begin filling out a KWL chart during this process. [You can access a KWL chart by clicking the file under Media Links located to the right in the green box.] Write on board what they know and what they want to know or what they wonder about.  They can fill this out on their worksheets as you write.
  • Read a short illustrated book about trees such as I Can Name 50 Trees Today by Bonnie Worth.  Have students listen for new information as you read.  Complete the KWL chart by having the students write down what they learned.
  • Go outside and have children “adopt” a tree.  They will later do extensive research on this tree. 
  • Instruct them to draw a picture of the tree and use another piece of paper to do a bark rubbing of the tree.  
  • Collect a leaf from the tree and any other additions such as fruit, flowers, or nuts.  Put away collection for the next day.  

Day 2

Day 3

  • Students then take the information learned and create a song, story, or poem about their tree.
  • Collect all information and create a class tree scrapbook

Have students draw pictures of their trees for every season of the year.  

  • Students complete the KWL chart.
  • Students successfully create and answer 5 questions about their tree.
  • Tree rubbing, drawing, leaf, and final product are put in class scrapbook.
Additional Information:
You can find additional activities on the topic of trees by searching on the "Activities" page.
This lesson plan was created by Rachel Bailey.

AASL Standards for 21st Century Learner

  • AASL Standard 1: Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge
  • AASL Standard 2: Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations and create new knowledge


  • Knows that learning can come from careful observations and simple experiments.


Formulating questions
Gathering/Collecting information
Locating & Accessing information
Sharing creative products of inquiry-based learning
  Learning about
Grade Level(s)
• 1st Grade
• 2nd Grade
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