Educational Philosophy

What are the key components to the philosophy behind Curiosity Creek?

Inquiry and Imagination

  • Inquiry: The process of inquiry is best introduced in the context of real life information problems (inside or outside of school; Curiosity Creek focuses on science/nature and the environment) and personal interests. This increases the relevance of learning a new skill and is a critical component of motivation to learn. Stimulating curiosity in young children is an important motivator for inquiry. Curiosity encourages their disposition to learn by compelling them to explore a new idea, situation, or the world around them.
  • Multiliteracies for Inquiry (In Context): To be prepared for inquiry-based learning and research, children need to acquire 21st century skills. These skills include multiple literacies embracing but extending beyond the traditional view of literacy as reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc. Literacies also include information, visual, digital/technological, and media literacies; each literacy contains elements of the other, helping to grow another. The process of inquiry and the skills, dispositions, responsibilities and self-assessment strategies required of today's young researchers are embodied in the national Standards for the 21st Century Learner put forth by the American Association of School Librarians. The lesson plans you'll find on the Parent and Educators site will note specific standards addressed.
  • Imagination: Curiosity Creek engages a child's imagination and pure fancy. But imagination goes far beyond that. It is an ability to think "creatively" about reality. Words that describe criteria for imaginativeness generally include "unusual" and "effective" or "useful." These words and others such as "novel," "valuable," and so on, are also used to describe criteria for creative products or responses. Curiosity Creek will offer sparks to ignite children's creativity and imagination. It also provides opportunities to share the products of children's inquiry in creative formats such as storybooks, videos, music and art. Inquiry and imagination play an important role in inventive thinking, something that Curiosity Creek also strives to promote. . .