Extensions : Curiosity Creek© For Informal Learning Environments

Extension of Curiosity Creek© as a theme for after school computer clubs

Curiosity Creek© lesson plans and activities provide wonderful ideas for engaging young children in formal learning environments such as classrooms and one-on-one learning with parents. Curiosity Creek© also provides an ideal theme for engaging kids who are a little older in informal learning environments like after-school clubs. We have created a set of materials to support a Curiosity Creek© themed after-school computer club!

In this club, middle- and high-school kids develop information, digital technology, communication, design, subject matter, and critical thinking competencies while exploring Curiosity Creek©. The club members are encouraged to explore nature and environmental topics that are of interest to them. As a result of their exploration, coaching in design thinking, and other guided activities, the club members are tasked with designing new resources, examples, stories, and content for the younger audience of Curiosity Creek©. Club members develop the competencies to take on the roles of design expert and subject matter expert… and learn how to interact effectively with each other and younger children, develop technical skills and multiple literacies, and most importantly have fun exploring areas of their own interest.

Resources to support educators wishing to implement their own club include:

Facilitators Guide for Sessions 1 - 8 which includes:

  1. Set up logistics
  2. Club Announcements
  3. Parent Letter for Student
  4. Participation Schedule
  5. Session Lesson Plans

Club Member Notebook filled with:

  1. Guides
  2. Worksheets
  3. Tips for each session

The materials and suggested schedule and session plans can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.