One of the storybooks in the Curious Kids' series entitled Why Dolphins Visit Curiosity Creek begins with asking Image of the setting for Curiosity Creek listeners to conjure up Curiosity Creek in their mind's eye.

"Close your eyes and paint a picture in your mind. Imagine a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze to keep you cool. Hear birds singing cheerful songs . . . and the sound of water lapping against tall grassy marsh.See colorful butterflies that seem to be dancing in air . . . and fish that jump right out of the water (jumpin’ mullets, some people call them). Now open your eyes. You have imagined Curiosity Creek. Like other creeks in the area, this one flows into a river which eventually empties into the wide open ocean. On the other side of the bridge is a cozy harbor filled with big old shrimp boats waiting for their next adventure at sea. Curiosity Creek is a wonderful place for curious kids. And Tanisha, Chen, and Timmy are just that -- Curious Kids."

The opening above sounds like things are pretty serene around Curiosity Creek but it doesn't stay that way for long. Soon, dolphins are spotted coming under the bridge and a new information adventure begins. The setting embraces the "community" of Curiosity Creek and includes Mac's (Information Detective) treehouse office, a tiny library, the Marshlands, an art gallery, the Curiosity Creek Clubhouse, Itty Bitty Kitty's place, the fishing dock, and several other venues. This natural, coastal community serves as an anchor yet adventures may sometimes take the characters into new settings, into cities, unchartered territory, even new countries. One diminutive yet dynamic character, Teenie Genie, makes exploring outside of Curiosity Creek a real possibility. He is a genie, you see.