"Curious Kids combine inquiry with imagination to spark innovative ideas for sharing."

Curiosity Creek is a part-real, part fanciful place designed to inspire young children's INQUIRY and IMAGINATION as they explore nature and their environment. It was created by Syracuse University iSchool professor, educational media producer, children's book author, and expert on curiosity and children's learning, Dr. Marilyn Arnone.

Curiosity Creek emerged from a series of storybooks and educators' Book cover guides published by Libraries Unlimited to encourage inquiry in children in the primary grades. The Curiosity Creek Web site has expanded on the early storybooks and includes numerous components including games and a number of interactive activities for children. 

With its inquisitive characters and nature-rich coastal setting, Curiosity Creek offers parents and educators a fun way to engage young children in early research. In Curiosity Creek, inquiry is simply a natural and fun part of kids' everyday lives. Curious Kids combine inquiry with imagination to spark innovative ideas as the problem-solvers of the future.

Two age groups of learners are served by the site: pre-K-3 children for whom the content is targeted and 4th through 6th grade learners who are encouraged to design story puzzles and poems as content for their younger counterparts. See Learning Goals and Objectives for more about the target audiences. The lesson plans and activities you'll find on the Parent and Educators' area are designed to help you as you introduce young 21st century learners to skills and dispositions for learning they will need to thrive in today's world. Find out more about the educational philosophy and goals, characters, setting, and the people behind the scenes by visiting the other links under About Curiosity Creek.